Monday, January 13, 2014

Nokia Portable Charger DC-18: Charge Anywhere, Charge Anytime

   Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger DC-18 is a portable charger that can be used to charge any Phone that uses the Micro-USB charging port, although the portable charger was originally designed for Nokia phones like Lumias, Ashas,etc. but it still fits conveniently and charge other phones. The Nokia DC-18 packs in 1720mAh of power that would in most cases double the battery longevity of any phone.

   It features a retractable microUSB cable which is inserted into a device whenever battery top-up is needed and there is also a large battery indicator on the front of the DC-18 which shows how much power you have on it while Nokia logo is visible at the back. The whole charger weighs only 65g (lightweight & compact) and you can get it in a color that will match your Nokia device - Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and White. You may be wondering - Is that all about the Nokia DC-18 charger ? Well, the full Specs is available here while the price is not yet confirmed from stores in Nigeria, but the current prize in some UK stores is £16.66 which amounts to something like #4000 in Nigeria.


  1. Great...more like a power bank,but I'll prefer it since its from Nokia....hence my bolg would now get regular updates on the go.....thank for the info!


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