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Global Mobile Awards 2014: Best Smartphone - HTC One & Best Tablet - Apple iPad Air

The 19th edition of the Global Mobile Awards in conjunction with the MWC 2014 (Mobile World Congress) saw over 175 independent analysts, journalists, academicians and subject matter experts throughout the world participating in the judging process of the Mobile Awards, determining the best of the best Mobile devices of 2013 in 2014. The procedure is that the best mobile devices, start ups and products each year are awarded every February of the following year, which simply means that the best products of 2013 are the products being awarded this February. The Global Mobile Awards is very large, featuring some categories that many of us hardly care about so the most important categories and awards are the ones listed in this post. Enjoy !!!

Global Mobile Awards 2014

Best Smartphone of 2013

Winner - HTC One
Update - "The HTC One remained one of the most advanced smartphones throughout 2013. Its great design and excellent user interface continue to provide a differentiated user experience, standing out from the competition." 
Other Nominees - Apple iPhone 5S, LG G2, Nokia Lumia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Note - Samsung Galaxy S3 won this award last year.

Best Mobile Tablet of 2013

Winner - Apple iPad Air
Update - "The iPad Air packs class-leading performance in an attractive and svelte frame, while its ecosystem has an undisputed advantage in the number of format-optimized apps." 
Other Nominees - Apple iPad mini 2, Google Nexus 7 (2013) and Sony Xperia Tablet Z
Note - Google Nexus 7 by ASUS won this award last year.

Best Low-Cost Smartphone of 2013 (sub-$150 wholesale price)

Winner - Nokia Lumia 520
Update - "Lumia 520 is a smartphone that hasn’t compromised on quality – a trailblazer for Nokia’s low-cost efforts." 
Other Nominees - Lenovo A390T, Samsung Galaxy Young, Sony Xperia E and Xiaomi Hongmi
Note - All the other nominees listed above are all Android devices.

Best Entry-level or Featurephone of 2013

Winner - Nokia 105
Update - "Nokia 105 is an outstanding value for money, with impressive durability and battery life, this is driving mobile penetration into further markets." 
Other Nominees - Nokia 208, Nokia 515, Nokia Asha 210 and Nokia Asha 503
Note - Nokia Asha 305 won this award last year.

Most Innovative Device Manufacturer of 2013

Winner - LG
Update - "Impressive across the board with ground-breaking innovation – LG is flexing its technological muscle." 
Note - Samsung won this award last year.

Best Mobile-Enabled Consumer Electronics Device of 2013

Winner - FiLIP wearable locator & phone watch for kids
Update - "The FiLIP is a new breed of self-reliant wearable device that is a simple way for kids to reach their parents, and for parents to find their children quickly and easily. FiLIP affords parents peace of mind with the ability to quickly call and locate their children. This is a really well designed product fulfilling a clear market need and making a complex solution very simple for the user."
Other Nominee(s) - Sony SmartWatch 2 
Note - Samsung Galaxy Camera won this award last year.

In the Mobile Awards category, the Best Entertainment App (Gaming, Music, Sports, Video) is DEVICE 6 while the Best Overall Mobile App is CityMapper and CamMe was named the Most Innovative Mobile App. If you want to see the full awards yourself, then click here - Global Mobile Awards. What do you think about the awards ? Do you think the awards were awarded to the rightful winners ? If you were to choose yours, who and which will you choose ? Let us share our thoughts and contributions via the comment box. Also, watch out for the Best new mobile Smartphone, Tablet and Device Awards tomorrow as the awards continues in the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2014. I'd advice you to stay tuned to StevenBergy.Com.Ng so that you won't miss the awards updates tommorow. Don't you think it'd be very nice of you to share this interesting post with others ? That's why the share buttons below are there. Share ! Share !! and Cheers !!!

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