Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to Configure and Create a New Windows 8 VPN Connection

   Unlike Windows XP and Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8 is very different when it comes to configuring and creating Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Due to the fact that Microsoft Windows 8 is now redesigning it's interface for Touchscreen PCs and Devices, so the steps to configure and create VPN is now different. For instance, creating a VPN profile requires very minimum server information since Windows 8 will automatically detect authentication methods while connecting, thereby making the VPN connection experience seamless and easy. This post will be explaining fully, How to Configure and create a new VPN connection easily on Windows 8.

Configuring and Creating a New Windows 8 VPN Connection

   Windows 8 allows you to create a VPN connection by using the Get Connected Wizard. To launch the wizard, type VPN in Settings, and then click Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection

   In the wizard, you will provide the internet address of the VPN server to which you will connect, and a name for the new connection. You can use an IP address or the hostname of the VPN server in the Internet address field. The destination name is the text that will be used for the VPN connection name (a.k.a profile name). Note that you can click Remember Credentials in order to save your credentials on the first successful connection attempt.

   These are the steps and procedures to configure and create a new VPN connection on Windows 8. Very soon, we'll provide another list of free and safe Virtual Private Network which you can use on your Windows 8 PC for free. Hope This Helps !!!

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