Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Check your Airtel BlackBerry Internet Data Balance

   In one of our recent post, titled - Important Update on How to Activate Airtel BlackBerry Subscription to Work on Other Devices. I updated everyone (our valuable blog readers) about the activation of the Airtel Blackberry plan which I said it's still working up till now. In that same post, I made mention of the fact that the data balance of the Airtel Blackberry plan cannot be checked due to the recent upgrade Airtel made to their Data Plans. Today, this post will be informing you about the USSD code to check your Airtel Data balance apart from the usual *141*712*0# and *123*10# we usually use before.

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USSD Code to Check Airtel BlackBerry Data Balance

==> Dial *123*9# to view your Airtel BB Data Balance.

==> If you are subscribed to any other data plan which is not a BlackBerry plan, the Data Balance code is still *141*712*0# or *123*10#.

==>  You can also dial *123# to check your Main Account Balance.

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  1. how do i make this airtel BBm plan work. i mistakenly loaded *440*1# it gave me 1GB data now i cant browse with it. do i need to opt out if so wht is the code t5o opt out of plan, or shd i call costumer care.

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    1. Hi David, glad it worked for you, thanks for dropping a comment. Hope to see you around again.

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    1. Hi Fred, Welcome. Glad you find it useful !

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    1. Really ? I never knew I'm a Life Saver... LoL, Welcome Anthony, thanks for dropping by, really appreciate.

  5. wats the code to opt out of airtel wtf

  6. I dailed the *123*10# but it showed me that I have 0.0mb left which of course Is inaccurate. Pls how do I get to check how much data I have left cos I subscribed for the complete bb plan worth 1400

  7. Please code for blackberry complete data balance check?


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