Wednesday, July 16, 2014

QuickCharge 2.0 Charges your SmartPhone from 0% to 60% in 30 minutes. How Possible ?

   What is Quick Charge 2.0 ? Quick Charge 2.0 is an updated version of Qualcomm's fast charging technology (Quick Charge 1.0) introduced last year available for Smartphones, Tablets and devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. It is designed to reduce the amount of time it takes to recharge the batteries in smartphones, tablets, and many other types of consumer electronics by up to 75%. Today, there are Quick Charge 2.0 enabled smartphones, tablets, and wall adapters available from different manufacturers around the world. So, why is faster charging very important in Smartphones ?

Quick Charge 2.0 - from Zero to 60% in 30 Minutes

   Faster charging is important because we are consistently seeing more powerful devices introduced all the time. Larger, high-definition displays, multi-core CPUs, and 4G/LTE radios contribute to a better mobile experience, but may also have a tendency to utilize the battery at a faster rate. In order to keep up with increased power demand, the typical smartphone battery capacity is increasing to 3000mAh and a tablet battery can be as high as 12000mAh. For your information, bigger batteries last longer and they also take longer to charge.

   We’ve all been in the scenario where you have a low battery and very little time to charge it. Qualcomm Quick Charge is designed to speed up the charging by reducing the amount of time it takes to recharge when a Quick Charge 2.0 enabled device is paired with a Quick Charge 2.0 certified power adapter. In laboratory tests using a 3300mAh battery, a Quick Charge 2.0 enabled device went from 0% to 60% charge in 30 minutes, while a device without Quick Charge 2.0 using a conventional charger (5 volt, 1 amp) achieved just 12% in the same 30 minutes.

   As time goes on, more and more portable electronics will support Quick Charge 2.0 and certified adapters will be available from various sources (pre-packaged with certain electronics) or sold by carriers and retailers. Qualcomm recently selected UL as the testing and certification laboratory for Quick Charge 2.0, offering device manufacturers a single source solution for getting products to market in a timely manner. Only accessories that pass the UL certification process will be authorized to carry the Quick Charge 2.0 logo, assuring compatibility and interoperability. Quick Charge 2.0 is available in many devices powered by the latest Snapdragon 800 series, 600 series and 400 series processors.

   Snapdragon processors are designed to consume very little power, so once your device is quick charged, you won’t have to worry about charging again for a while. The latest devices that support Quick Charge 2.0 are listed below -

==> Sony Xperia Z2
==> HTC One (M8)
==> Xiaomi MI 3
==> Sharp Aquos Zeta
==> Fujitsu Arrows NX
==> SonyXperia Z2 Tablet
==> Sharp Aquos Tablet

   What do you think about the Quick Charge 2.0 fast charging Technology ? Do you prefer getting it or you prefer taking a pair of your Smartphone's battery everywhere you go ? And also, do you know of other means to charge a Smartphone quickly and efficiently ? Kindly Share your contributions through the comment box.

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  1. I can now see so many reasons why I have to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5, I'll even enjoy charging it faster and longer battery life, I cant wait


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