Saturday, April 18, 2015

Roommates Stab each other in Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Argument

I remember we've written a post about the Android vs iOS arguments and fights which is not difficult to run into, on the Internet. Most of them always result to e-fights but this time around, it's a physical fight. Two guys in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States took their Android - iOS argument to another level yesterday, leading to stabbing with injuries and hospitalization.

Two roommates, one with the Apple iPhone 6 and the other using the just released Samsung Galaxy S6, had a heated argument over which phone is the better smartphone. The fighting intensified until both men smashed beer bottles and used the jagged edges to stab each other. One of the men received a beer bottle blow to the back of his head, causing both of them to be hospitalized. Neither the men, nor their mobile operating system preference, was identified. The Police initially weren't sure if there would be charges filed.

There was no clear winner in the iPhone vs Android argument, or an obvious aggressor, as the police are more interested in. Also, no Windows phone roommate was harmed in this altercation, likely because there wasn't one. Maybe you need to be very sure about your roommate's smartphone of choice before moving into the apartment with him. :-)

"Police believe alcohol played a big role in the fight," said local television station KTUL. KTUL also reported that its photographer asked the cops which phone was better, a question most likely met with an icy stare. Here is a video taken at the scene -

According to my opinion, I think the Samsung Galaxy S6 guy might be right, LOL. But left to you, with no e-fights or real fights, which Smartphone do you think is better ? Apple iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 ? We'll love to read your comments and opinions. Don't forget to subscribe to our free email updates below to get our posts delivered into your mailbox. Cheers !!!

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