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Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Battle of the Premium Phablets!

If you've got no worries about the price tag and you're to choose between them, which one will you choose? The one that has a 3D Touch or curved Edge screen? The one with a solid Metal back or glass back? LCD or AMOLED? iOS or Android? Speed and silky-smooth response or heavy-duty multitasking? These are the questions you have to answer yourself for you to decide which of these Smartphones is best for you. Another question is Apple or Samsung? and the last question which is a very good decider is iPhone 6S Plus or Galaxy S6 Edge Plus?

Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Looking at each of these Smartphones, briefly and deeply, there is no doubt that choosing only one out of the two will be a very difficult task to complete because the side-by-side comparison will be so very tough and at the same time exciting. Because of this, we'll just look at the main things present on one which is not on the other and vice versa, with this, you'll be able to decide yourself which one is better, in general and for yourself. By the way, If you are looking for the full comparison, GSMArena has got you covered.

iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Now getting down to business, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus is the massively upgraded (on the inside) version of the iPhone 6 Plus. It is powered by a blazing fast A9 chip and delivers a long overdue camera upgrade. The pressure-aware display tech, faster Touch ID, and a tougher aluminum chassis makes it truly a massively upgraded version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung on the other hand, had the Galaxy S6 Edge which wasn't in desperate need of an upgrade on the inside. No wonder why the S6 Edge Plus just got a bigger screen compared to the S6 Edge - 5.7" of curved Quad HD AMOLED, and kept the hardware package intact: an Exynos 7420 powerhouse, a great 16MP camera, a plethora of sensors and superb design.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

So, Samsung or Apple? Wait, don't be in a rush. Here are the things that the iPhone 6s Plus got over the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and vice versa.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus over Galaxy S6 edge+:

  • More powerful GPU
  • Pressure-aware 3D Touch display
  • Live Photos functionality
  • Higher resolution slo-mo video: 1080p@120fps
  • 128GB version
  • Faster fingerprint sensor
  • Dual-LED flash vs. single LED

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ over Apple iPhone 6s Plus:

  • Bigger, sharper and curved display - 5.7" QHD vs. 5.5" 1080p
  • Higher resolution still camera - 16MP vs. 12MP
  • Stereo sound in video recording
  • General-purpose NFC connectivity
  • Heart rate and oxygen saturation sensors
  • Slightly higher battery capacity
  • Wireless charging support
  • Faster LTE category
  • Optional dual-SIM
  • USB Host support

iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Now, you have a clearer view of the differences and similarities between these premium devices. With everything explained and listed above, and also putting your own judging ability into use, which one is better? Which would you go for? Apple iPhone 6s Plus or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus? Please drop your thoughts, contributions and suggestions using the comment box. Subscribe to our FREE email updates here to receive our upcoming posts directly in your mail box and finally, sharing is caring, kindly share this interesting post with others. Have a nice day!

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