Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Version of WhatsApp allows you to link your Facebook Account

Ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp back in 2014, not much has changed on the popular instant messaging platform beside the addition of voice calls between users. WhatsApp and Facebook have stayed separately up until now. But at the moment, new leaks has revealed that WhatsApp is planning to allow cross communication between Facebook Profiles and WhatApp accounts.

Facebook and WhatsApp Integration

As shown in the screenshot right after this paragraph, version 4.12.413 of WhatsApp shows the option of linking a WhatsApp account with a Facebook account to “improve Facebook experiences”. We aren’t quite sure what the possible benefit of this is. Perhaps, there will be shortcuts to post on a WhatsApp contact’s timeline or maybe it's all about allowing Facebook to use WhatsApp features that are exclusive to Facebook users as incentive for WhatsApp users that are not on Facebook to create a Facebook profile as this is where the company makes most of its revenue or probably something entirely different, though this is entirely my own speculation.

WhatsApp and Facebook Linking

Just recently, WhatsApp dropped its subscription fees in pursuit of gaining even more users and now, it's linking WhatsApp with Facebook, all in a week. Is this a pure coincidence or WhatsApp is stylishly working on something big? Only time will tell! 

Well, if it eventually comes up this way, are you cool with linking your WhatsApp Account with your Facebook Profile? Kindly let us know your opinion by dropping your comment(s) through the comment box at the bottom. Cheers!!!

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  1. It will be interesting linking Facebook with whatsapp


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