Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to download 2go Chat Application on Android Smart Phones and Tablets

Note : The official version of 2go Android Application has been released, you can download it and read more about it here  

   Sometimes ago, I already published a post on this blog on “How to download 2go mobile chat application and start chatting” on your phone but this time around, this post is mainly for Android lovers who also want to chat on their phone making use of 2go. As we all know, 2go is a chat and Instant messaging application and it enables users to chat on their mobile phone free of charge making it possible to meet & add other 2go users as a friend. 2go also features chat rooms on different topics where you can socialize with other users.  For full details about 2go, click here.
   The main reason for writing this post is to let you know that 2go is now available for Android Smartphones and Tablets but it is not yet included in the Google Play Store. So how do I download 2go on my android phone since it’s not yet included in the Play Store?


How to Download 2go to your Android Smartphone

From your android browser, go to http://wap.2go.im/  and follow the 2go registration steps.  Your phone will be automatically detected and the 2go mobile chat application will be installed on your phone.

NOTE: You might see "Download 2go for HTC android (v3.0.5)” after 2go might have auto-detected your phone. If your android phone is not HTC, do not worry, download it. The 2go.apk file will be downloaded to your phone and will run perfectly.

STEP 2: From your android browser or any other browser, click here. The 2go.apk file will be downloaded to your phone then open and install the application like you always install other applications. After installation, you can now enjoy 2go and start chatting on your Android.

NOTE: If the first step is not working for you then the second step should work and vice versa, since you have now installed the 2go chat app, you may also feel like adding me up or sharing some important information with me, here is my username – Aywhy93

Hope This Helps !!!


  1. cant view my prifile nd pic

    1. The 2go App for Android has some malfunctioning which is causing this. I cant also update my 2go status on my Android, we are just hoping they develop another better version for Android Users

  2. please I deleted my 2go due to it was consuming more memory .now trying to download it back with the view that I will start with low memory unfortunately I find it difficult in downloading. what I get is package data invalid an I av tried all means advised to use yet not working. please what must I do cause am really sick now because of this mess.

    1. Sorry for that, did you tried downloading it via Play Store ? If NOT, you can try downloading it their but if the problem still persists, download it at www.afrowap.com or www.appsapk.com

      Hope this will work !

  3. I download 2go on my Lumia but its not showing any pictures mine n whom am chatting with.n am not seeing were to navigate to chatroom

    1. Sorry about that, uninstall it and reinstall from another source. You may consider reinstalling another version also.


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