Wednesday, August 7, 2013

5 Features you never know The Samsung Galaxy S4 had

    Samsung’s Touchwiz has some features which many Samsung users never knew existed, especially the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you are a Samsung user especially the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone, then this post will be so meaningful and useful for you.

    One great feature that helps save battery life on the Samsung S4 is Wi-Fi Timer. Wi-Fi Timer can be located at Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced >Wi-Fi Timer. What the Wi-Fi Timer does is that it automatically turn on Wi-Fi and then turn it off again at preset time. For example, you can set the Wi-Fi Timer so that it switches off during the night when you are asleep and then switch on again in the morning so that you don’t miss any notifications and at the same time you will save battery. 

   Another feature is the Blocking mode, notifications that arrive in the middle of the night can wake you up and maybe you are even in a meeting, in a class or kind of busy, then you can block all notifications from interrupting.  Just go to Settings > My device > Blocking mode. Then turn off notifications during a selected period of time. Adding V.I.P contacts to the Allowed list so you don’t miss any important calls is also possible under this feature.

   What if you get a call in a very noisy environment? The Samsung Galaxy S4 screen has several buttons on its in-call screen to help you. One of these buttons can help boost the volume, another button can activate noise reduction so that the person calling you or the person you are calling will hear you and you can even use the equalizer to tweak the in-call volume to your taste.

   The notification area can be tweaked too – you can choose to rearrange the quick toggles if you don’t like the way it was arranged before, you can view all quick toggles directly by just swiping with two fingers and also,  hiding the brightness slider is just a touch away from you.

   Another feature here is the lock screen options. With the plenty of options that the lock screen has – you can set an easy camera launch gesture, you can change the personal message on the lock screen and you can also pick your preferred color and font just like in stock Android.

   Don't you think these features are great ? Although, some of you are already aware of some or even all of this features but there are still some gentle dudes who are not. Kindly drop your suggestions and contributions about this post and don't forget to share this informative post with those gentle dudes.

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