Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lumia Windows Phones are Safer than Android and iOS Devices [VIDEO]

   When talking of Windows Phones, the first phone that is likely to come to our mind is the Nokia's Lumia Windows Phones Series. Why ? Maybe because they are very popular or due to the fact that they were produced by Nokia, a Brand most of us already trust (just because they've manufactured and sold to us, so many first-generation phones). Either way, Nokia thinks its Lumia Windows Phones are better than other Smartphones just because its safer.
Nokia Lumia 625
Nokia Lumia 625
   One of the reasons why Nokia believed its Lumia devices are safer than others is because of the fact that Windows Phone is the only mobile OS that comes with Information Rights Management (IRM) built-in, Microsoft Outlook can handle rights-protected docs and emails - thus, “a company’s confidential documents stay confidential, as they cannot be accidentally forwarded to another company's / competitor's CEO .” Also, Windows Phones don’t allow the installation of Apps from third-party sources unlike Android Phones. Users can use only Apps from the Windows Phone Store, so malware and viruses are kept at bay. 

   Nokia also reminds us of the “super-secure version of Internet Explorer 10”, the Find My Phone feature, and the remote wipe capability of WP handsets. Here is a short video below from Nokia that shows how Lumia devices can protect your data. 

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  1. No matter how safe Lumias are, I will still stick to my lovely Android. Really loving my Nexus 5 Kitkat.


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