Thursday, February 20, 2014

10 Tips to Secure your GTBank Internet Banking Enabled Account

   If you are a Guaranty Trust Bank Account Holder that uses the GTBank website a lot, maybe to transfer money, to make online purchases (Internet Banking) and so on then this post is for you. GTBank is the leading Bank in Nigeria that offers satisfactory Internet & online services, because of this, fraudsters tend to send users spam emails requesting for confidential information, pretending to be GTBank. If you also receive such emails (even if you don't), these 10 tips will surely help secure your account from fraudsters and scammers.

  1. Never login to GTBank internet banking through a link from your email, even if the email appears to have been sent from GTBank. Type the web address in yourself.
  2. The beginning of your internet banking page address will change from "http" to "https" when a secure connection is made.
  3. Be wary of any unexpected pop-ups that appear during your online banking session as GTBank software doesnt allow external pop-ups.
  4. Subscribe to SMS alert to view each transaction in real time. If you receive an alert for a transaction you did not initiate or authorize, contact GTConnect immediately by using the telephone numbers in the image above.
  5. Fraudsters sometimes try to trick people into making a real payment by claiming it’s just a test”, don’t fall for it.
  6. Make sure your contact details with the Bank are up-to-date so you can receive SMS alerts on your mobile devices.
  7. Never give anyone your login details in full either by email or over the phone. GTBank will never request these from you.
  8. The login pages of GTBank Internet Banking are secured through an encryption process, so a locked padlock or unbroken key symbol should appear in your browser window when accessing your GTBank Login page.
  9. Please, also note that GTBank, its staff or agents will never call or send you an email to request any of your passwords, token generated codes, card details or Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  10. Don't save your passwords, card details, PIN, security answer and other important account information on a public computer just for the sake of fast & easy access, it may end up getting to the wrong hands.
    With the 10 tips listed above, I hope you will be able to secure and ensure the safety of your Guaranty Trust Bank account from all the fraudsters and scammers online these days. You might also like reading some other GTBank posts below.

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