Sunday, April 20, 2014

10 Things You Never Knew The Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Do

   Since the latest Galaxy S Smartphone from Samsung was announced, launched and released for sale in the International market, the main features on it everyone keeps talking about are the following --> Fingerprint Scanner (Not too Flabbergasting, because it's already on the iPhone 5S), Heart Rate Monitor, Download Booster and Water / Dust Resistant ability. But do you know that there are some other interesting and good-to-know features on the Samsung Galaxy S5 which many of us don't know, even Samsung hardly pimp those features in their advertisements for the Device. Apart from all the key selling points of the Samsung Galaxy S5 aforementioned above, you might like this list of things which you may not have known the Galaxy S5 was capable of.

1.  Galaxy S5 Privacy Mode - You can hide certain documents or pictures that only become accessible with a certain unlock pattern. To hide such documents, just go-to settings, select which file(s) you want protected, and then enter a special unlock pattern or pin code. When you or anyone else unlock your phone, the person won't have access to the file(s) thereby the person won’t be able to see those files unless that special unlock pattern or pin code has been entered correctly.

2. Increased Touch Sensitivity, a Pencil would even write on it -The Galaxy S5's screen is so sensitive to touch that you can use an actual pencil to write on it. Although, no one would want to scratch their screen and simultaneously stain it with lead, but other pencil-like items would of course be useful especially when using Apps like S-Memo on the Galaxy S5. All you need to do is dig into the menu settings and increase the device’s touch sensitivity.

3. Galaxy S5 Kids Mode - Ever since my little Brother dropped my Galaxy S3 on the floor and got its screen damaged, I've stopped giving any of my valuable gadgets to kids but who knows if you're a Mr nice guy who loves giving Kids everything to play with, then your little ones will definitely enjoy your Galaxy S5. All you just have to do is download the Kids mode app and when you do, you can turn your Galaxy S5 into a more child-friendly, cute multimedia device for your little ones. It features a simplified, cute design that is easier for children to navigate, special applications that you can download only for kids, app permissions that you set and you can even set a time limit for how long they can use the phone.

4. Virtual Tour Mode, Shot & More - The Galaxy S5′s camera now allows you to create .gif like images that help you to create a “virtual tour”. You take multiple photos of different areas to combine a type of “tour” to show your friends and family. Pretty cool panoramic stuff. Shot and more just allows you to edit your pictures and add effects immediately after you take them. Although, there are so many Photo App that lets you do this but its still nice to have these features directly on the Galaxy S5 own camera.

5. Tilt to make a playlist - Yes! You heard me right, if you’re listening to a certain type of song (like Jenifer Lopez ft French Montana - I Luh Ya Papi --*winks*--) and then tilt your Galaxy S5 horizontally, it will automatically look for songs that are stored in your phone that are similar to the one you’re listening to. This makes setting the perfect music for the perfect mood an easier endeavor.

6. Access Camera directly on the LockScreen - You can start using the Galaxy S5 camera right from the lock screen by swiping the camera icon to the side. Doing this will take you straight into camera mode, saving you a bit of time to capture that perfect moment before it eludes you. This particular feature is available on some other Smartphones too and it is also on the S5.

7. Check Callers Info while talking on the Phone - You can check the information of a caller while you’re already talking with them on the phone. So any communication you’ve had with them, their email address, or whatever info you have saved on your phone can be displayed at any time without being forced to hang up.

8. Priority Sender - You can set your priority contacts with “Priority Senders”. Those you message most in your messaging app can be set to the top, so that you'll have faster and easier access to the ones you reach out to most.

9. Toolbox a sidebar displaying your Favourite Apps -  You can use Toolbox to create a small sidebar that displays your favourite apps when you press and hold the small white icon that hovers across all pages on your home-screen . Samsung Touchwiz users from back in the day will remember this little set up from older Samsung Non-Android touchscreen phones.

10. Galaxy S5 Call Notification Pop-ups - The “Call Notification Pop-ups” feature on the Galaxy S5 is not really a big deal as far as am concerned, just that it lets you receive an in-call pop up while you’re using another application, without having to exit the app.

   These are the 10 hidden features that many of us don't pay attention to and also, that weren’t really advertised in Samsung’s promotion of the Galaxy S5. Do you know of other features on the Galaxy S5 that should be on this list ? Are you getting more and more excited to get the Galaxy S5 with this additional list of 10 features hidden in it ? Kindly share your thoughts and contributions using the comment box. Kindly subscribe to our FREE email updates in order to get other interesting articles directly in your mailbox and don't forget to spread the word, please share this post with the share buttons below. Have a wonderful week !!!


  1. S MEMO is NOT on S5. Can't install it because it says "not compatible

    1. Really ?... But there should be other Apps that will perform the same function that S Memo performs on Google PlayStore.


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