Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4G LTE is Fading Away as Verizon Publishes Its 5G Radio Specs in the US

Verizon started the 4G LTE ball rolling in the United States when the 4G LTE network was designed and still hoping to be the first in the United States to roll out the 5G Network. Yesterday, Verizon said it has completed its 5G radio specs; these specs will be used by manufacturers of Smartphones, suppliers of parts used to build out the 5G network, and others helping Verizon roll out and maintain 5G service. If you don't know before, data speeds for 5G are supposed to be approximately 100 times faster than that of 4G LTE.

In February, Verizon partnered with Samsung on a 5G trial. And now that it has published its 5G specs, we could see the other major U.S. carriers looking forward to catch up with Verizon. Having learned from the experience of building its 4G LTE pipeline, here is what Adam Koeppe, Verizon's vice president of network technology planning said - 

"The completion of the 5G radio specification is a key milestone toward the development of a complete 5G specification. The level of collaboration that we are seeing exceeds what we saw during 4G. This agile way of developing the specification and working with the ecosystem will enable us to get to market rapidly."-Adam Koeppe, vice president of network technology planning, Verizon

Companies working with Verizon on the 5G radio specs includes - 


Now with this latest improvement, you might be wondering how soon the 5G network will be rolled out by Verizon? Well, according to most analysts, be expecting that to take place in 2020. Not so soon! What do you think about the new 5G network? Don't you think we're really far behind in Nigeria, where 4G LTE has not been properly established yet? Let's hear from you!

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