Wednesday, August 3, 2016

VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 already Available in Dubai, Proud Owner Unboxes it!

According to the Galaxy Note  7 post released yesterday, the Note 7's pre-order should start today while the availability for purchase is August 19 in the US and September 2 in Europe, which simply means it will take longer time for it to be available in other parts of the world, but surprisingly, it is not so in Dubai (UAE), where one customer has already gotten his hands on one - not a demo unit but a proper retail unit. How Possible? That we don't know!

We've seen the specs and features of the Note7, obviously, and shared a few pictures in our last post (though more pictures are coming). Still, the first unboxing of a production Galaxy Note 7 unit (to the best of knowledge) is well worth our attention, thus, we've decided to push it up for you to see. Thanks to GSMArena who posted it up with the help of one of its readers, who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The 3-minute video touches upon the key points of the Samsung Phablet, including water resistance, S Pen, Iris scanner, as well as the package contents (it's an unboxing after all). The Galaxy Note7 (dual-SIM variant), drew AED 2,999 (around $815 / #300,000) from his pockets, with a 128GB microSD card thrown in as a gift. Though, Samsung will be throwing in a Gear Fit 2 or 256GB microSD card by the time it starts selling the Note 7 Phablet to its consumers.

Well, without further delay, here is the video! Enjoy!!!


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