Thursday, September 8, 2016

Laptop or Desktop PC? - Here are the Things to Consider Before You Choose!

Nowadays, you can hardly come across a house without at least one computer - be it a Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or other smaller computer-related devices. About a decade ago most of the devices were traditional desktop computers, but ever since then laptops have gotten a huge boost in popularity. Both types of computers have their own advantages and drawbacks, and today we’ll help you figure out which one is right for you. In the next paragraphs, we'll be comparing the advantages of a desktop PC and that of a Laptop, then the best place to get whichever one you want to settle down for among the two. Here you go!

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Desktop PC advantages

Here is why a desktop PC may be a better choice compared to a laptop:

● More power - Although Laptops have really improved in this aspect but still, high-end desktop computers are nearly always more powerful than expensive laptops, which is crucial for Gamers, Web & Graphics Designers, Programmers, Video editors, and many other users.

● Easier upgrades - Whenever you want to add more power to your computer, maybe you want to change the graphics card or expand the RAM, you can do it by simply opening up your PC case and installing the newer piece of hardware. Hardware upgrades on laptops, on the contrary, require much more work and technical skills. If care is not taken you might end up damaging the Laptop.

● Better controls - Every desktop PC comes with a keyboard and a mouse that are incredibly comfortable to use. Laptop keyboards usually have smaller keys, which is less comfortable for some users. Plus, smaller laptops miss the number pad on the right, which is why it can take you a while to get adjusted to a laptop keyboard.

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Laptop advantages

● Portability - Out of all computer-related devices, there is not a single one that is as easy to transport as a laptop and still handle heavy tasks, you can take your laptop anywhere while still being able to enjoy all of the benefits of a computer, which is not something you can experience with a tablet or other portable devices. Ask a Web developer, Graphics designer or a Programmer, he'll tell you his nightmares trying to use other devices.

● Easy use - All it takes for a laptop to start working is for you to press the start button, given that your laptop is fully charged. Compared to a desktop PC, which requires a dozen of cables to be plugged in before you can turn it on, it’s definitely a quicker and more efficient way to get straight to work.

● Screen size - Unless you’re planning to get a mini-laptop with a 10-12 inch screen, a normal-sized laptop has the right screen size for most users. The majority of laptops produced today have a 15-17 inch screen that allows you to do all kinds of work while still enjoying the ultimate portability of the device. Plus, if you need a bigger screen size for work, you can always connect your laptop to an external monitor.

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Now that you've seen the advantages and comparison between a Laptop and Desktop PC, it's up to you to decide which one suits you most. Whichever one you've decided to buy, you have dozens of ways to shop for a new laptop or a desktop, but shopping on Jiji, one of the largest Nigerian marketplaces, can help you save a lot of money while still enjoying flawless service and excellent quality of what you buy with your hard-earned money. Just browse the selection of computers and laptops on Jiji, find your ideal device, meet up with the seller in a safe and secure location, pay and carry your Computer with you. That's as simple as it is to get your new PC today!

Well, as far as you are concerned, what other advantages do you think a Laptop has over a desktop PC and vice versa? We'll like to hear from you. Kindly make use of the comment box to drop your contributions and don't forget to share this Post with others. Cheers!

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