Monday, August 28, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Official Introduction Video of the New Beast [WATCH]

The sweetest memory of the Samsung Note series until now is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it has what Samsung Galaxy Note lovers want, a big display, removable battery, expandable storage etc. The Galaxy Note 5 on the other hand seems not to be very pleasing to Samsung fans according to the general users experience which was all over the media immediately it was released back then, the Galaxy Note 6 never existed because of the name change which Samsung initiated in order to make the S series and Note series even, while the Galaxy Note 7 came with explosions, coupled with the need to be taken off the market. Now, what does Samsung has for every Note lovers out there? Nothing more than the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Phone that define big just got bigger.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The design of the Note series has evolved as seen on the Galaxy Note 8 with a bigger infinity display which refines your experience and redefines what you can do with your Smartphone. From writing down a memo when you are on a Phone call (so you won't miss a thing) to translating and converting from one language to another at the tip of the S-pen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 packs a lot of features and functionalities which have never been seen on any other Note. Also, you can now create your own live messages to express yourself in fun and unique ways. Words of mouth cannot describe exactly what the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has to offer, would you not prefer seeing these amazing features and functionalities as shown in the official introduction video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 below?

What do you think about this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 official introduction video? Kindly drop your opinions, thoughts and contributions using the comment box at the bottom. Watch out for the full specifications, features, review and retail price of this awesome beast in our upcoming post. I'll urge you to subscribe to our free email updates so you won't miss out on this post and other interesting updates in the future. Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, do bigger things with the Galaxy Note 8.

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