Wednesday, May 16, 2018

VIDEO: Apple iPhone Explodes in a Phone Repair Shop in Las Vegas

A video obtained by ABC's Las Vegas affiliate KTNV shows an unknown Apple iPhone model suddenly bursting into flames inside a repair shop in Las Vegas. The iPhone in the video was in the shop to undergo the replacement of a bloated battery and a cracked screen which broke when the battery expanded.

Paul Tartaglio who runs Gadget Repair in Las Vegas (not the shop in the video though) says that the high triple digit temperatures in Las Vegas cause batteries to warp. He also added two helpful tips for those living in hot regions. He says that phones should be kept out of direct sunlight. He also recommends that users make sure that they are not overcharging the battery. Failing to heed this warnings can result in shorter battery life, and in the worse case scenario, an explosion.

"Over time the batteries heat up and bloat. The problem is when it bloats up just a little bit, it can cause your screen to crack a lot easier."-Paul Tartaglio, technician, Gadget Repair.

The technician also suggests that phone owners should replace a defective battery with a replacement offered by the original manufacturer. Tartaglio says that batteries from the original manufacturer are more reliable than aftermarket batteries, and are often priced in almost the same range. Have you ever had any of your Smartphones explode due to a bloated battery? What do you think about this incident? You can share your experience and thoughts with us, using the comment box. Don't forget to share this post with others too. Cheers!

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