Friday, March 18, 2011

How to add Bluetooth to a Computer with No Bluetooth

Nowadays, the newly released laptops are usually Bluetooth enabled including other technological devices such as PDAs, Smart Phones, Mobile phones, Video Games, Computers and Pocket PC. But incase you are using a later version of computer which does not have Bluetooth built within, then you are not left out, you will
surely get your computer bluetoothed with this easy and simple steps.

- Buy a USB Bluetooth device(USB Bluetooth card),it is not costy and it is a device similar to USB Flash drive which is connected to the computer through the USB is usually within the range of 1000 NGN – 1500 NGN.

- Fix the bluetooth into one of the USB port of your computer, since the Bluetooth device is plug ‘n’ play, your computer will automatically detect it.

- Drive the Bluetooth device with a Bluetooth driver (usually packaged with the Bluetooth device when you buy it).The Bluetooth driver is a disc which you willinstall on your computer after fixing the USB Bluetooth device in order to give your system and Bluetooth optimum performance.

- When you are done with step 3, go to the control panel and if you see the Bluetooth Device Icon their, then you are done .Connect the Bluetooth with another Bluetooth device and start using your newly installed External Bluetooth .

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