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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Airtel WTF Bundle - Frequently Asked Questions About It

   The WTF bundle has been explained before in this post - " Chat on WhatsApp & BBM and Browse Twitter & Facebook for just #200 Monthly on Airtel ". If you've not read it before, you can just click on the link and read it. This post contains the questions you might have after reading the post. In case you still have any further question after checking out this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), just drop your questions using the comment box at the bottom.

Chat on WhatsApp & BBM and Browse Twitter & Facebook for just #200 Monthly on Airtel

   Chatting on WhatsApp & BlackBerry Messenger and also Surfing Twitter & Facebook for just #200 per month ? WTF. Yeah, What The F***. Is this how you feel when you read the title of this post ? If you felt that way then you are a cool buddy too because that's exactly what Airtel named this bundle - "WTF" but this time around it doesn't mean what we always associate it with. As far as Airtel is concerned, WTF stands for 'WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook'. Is that not cool ? I bet you, it is. Keep on reading as I explain what this plan is all about and how to subscribe to the plan.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Central Bank of Nigeria Introduces #65 ATM Charges on Other ATMs Withdrawals

   Before, if you use your ATM Card to withdraw from another Bank's ATM apart from your card issuer's ATM, a sum of #100.00 will be deducted then later on this ATM charge was cancelled, so we started withdrawing on any ATM without being worried about which Bank owns the ATM. But now things have changed; negatively, are you kind of sad when you heard "negatively" ? Probably...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10 Amazing & High Quality Pictures Captured with Smartphones [Must See]

   Did you use your Phone to take these pictures ? Yes, I did. I don't believe you, stop kidding. Honestly, I'm not kidding. This conversation is a conversation between a friend and I, he was checking some pictures I took with my phone during a social gathering and he was stunned by the fantastic quality of the pictures. Later on, he admitted - " many Digital Cameras will not do more than this ". Well, you might be wondering why I used this experience to start this blog post, yes it's because of the mindset that some people have about Smartphones' Camera, they think they are not good enough to capture the exciting moments of their lives. No wonder we see some who own a Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S4 and still buy a 8MP Digital Camera for taking photos. In this post, we'll be displaying 10 great pictures which you'll find almost impossible to believe, that they were taken with a Smartphone's Camera. Thanks to PhoneArena for the Pictures.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

10 Tough Questions that Top Tech Companies like Apple, Google & Microsoft Ask in Interviews

    If you have ever found yourself writing an exam, especially examinations set by Information Technology (IT) Companies, you'll notice some of the logical and tactful questions which they use to test your reasoning and thinking abilities but those questions are still very small when compared to questions that top Technology Brands in the world ask their employees during interviews, while accessing them and trying to decide if they really need to employ such a person in their Organization. So, in this post is a list of possible questions which you might get if you are thinking of getting a job in giant Tech companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. Note that these questions are real questions which have been asked before during interviews in some of the big tech companies.

  1. If you were given a box of pencils, list 10 things you could do with them that are not their traditional use.

Download Ask Ooloo - A Mobile Assistant That is Powered by Real People

   In the just concluded Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup, Microsoft Windows Phone Virtual Assistant 'Cortana' gained popularity because of it being able to predict some of the World Cup matches successfully, it even predicted Germany as the winner in the World Cup Final. Apart from Cortana, we also have some other Virtual Assistants like Ok Google (Android), Siri (Apple) and there is no doubt that these Personal Assistants have been helping us with our day-to-day activities by helping us to do some searches, scheduling appointments and even navigating from one place to another. But have you ever thought of having a real Personal Assistant on your Smartphone ? Yeah, it's possible, but how ?

Friday, July 18, 2014

8 Important Rules & Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed Online !!!

   Hello Dear SBCN readers, Good Morning. How was your night ? Hope you enjoyed it very well and hope you're in good health. There is something very important I'll like to share with you today. I received a very important and informative email from Quickteller recently on some rules to follow in order to avoid getting scammed online/offline. Although, this post might look like it's written based on Quickteller but seriously, it is applicable to every other e-transact websites you use on the internet.

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