Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to Make Money Online with Facebook

    Social Networking websites have many advantages especially " Facebook " ...One of the advantages of Facebook is that you can make real money on it...In this post,there are few ways you can make money on facebook provided that you do what you are required to do and you are not lazy like
1. Facebook Fanpage - To make money on facebook, you can create as many as possible fanpages like 'Stevenbergy', after creating your facebook fanpage/like page, you can market it and sell it for a huge or small amount depending on the number of likes you have on it..To sell your facebook fanpage, you can visit Fiverr,1kjobsonline and other websites to create one or more gig(s) about your fanpage and how much you want to sell it.

2. Facebook Group - Another efficient way to make money on facebook is to create as many as possible facebook group like that of 'Facebook Love' and 'Bloggers Lab', you can sell your facebook group by advertising it to interested buyers or creating gigs about it on various websites like Fiverr, 1kjobsonline, Tenbux and many other websites.

3. Facebook Marketing - You can advertise and market your goods and services,mostly your online services to those who are interested and you get paid by any means that suites you and your dealers most,Visit some facebook fanpages and paste your services their...Those that are interested will contact you...

   By following the ideal ideas above with a very good online marketing strategy, you can make large amount of money on facebook but making moneyb with this depends on the amount of time you spend on facebook and how good you are in online marketing and advertising ...

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