Friday, February 17, 2012

Mozat Apps: Latest Updates and Developments for Mozat users

   Mozat is presently working on some new developements they will like to introduce to the Mozat pinging application and this will be introduced on February 24, 2012 and the development & features includes the following :
1) Chatroom @Response : In a crowded chatroom, it can get quite challenging to reply to a person when his/her message gets pushed up with other incoming messages by other users.
This feature will help you quickly reply to a message by simply clicking on the specific message you want to reply to. Once you click on the message, you will immediately see the “@” sign and the name of the person who posted the message. You can simply write your response straightaway.


* Easy to reply to messages in a cluttered chatroom.

* Makes chatroom conversations a lot easier.

* Saves you time from re-typing a person’s name before you respond.

2) Personalised Password  : All users will choose their own password so they can quickly remember it, instead of being given random passwords, which could be challenging to remember for some. This will greatly help first-time users to register an account on MOZAT and encourage them to keep using it because it’s easy and user-friendly. This will be available to new users and they would need to download the latest version first in order to try this.
* Easy to remember password.

* Gives users the freedom to choose their own password.
* More convenient to complete registration for first-time users.
3) Nearby Users  : This is MOZAT’s newest location-based service (LBS) that will help you track or see other users nearby, even if your phone doesn’t have GPS. Smartphone users are not the only ones who should enjoy LBS. Everyone should, including feature phone users.
One may simply click on the user and start a chat. Once the person responds, they will become friends so the chances of interaction even among users who aren’t friends (yet) are quite high.

* Discover other users near you and easily interact with them.

* Easily widen circle of network through interaction with other users.
* Enjoy LBS and gain new friends with MOZAT.
   Check out for more information and also Check out Mozat Nigeria blog on for updates, announcements and reviews by other bloggers.


  1. Please announce when nearby users will take effect. Want to try this from mozat.

  2. you can download it on my blog, check the previous posts for the enclosed download link


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