Thursday, May 2, 2013

Download Angry Birds on your Windows Phone for FREE

  Angry Birds - A game that is all about catapulting wingless birds towards the direction of green colored pigs who snicker and grunt from time to time is certainly a global phenomenon, This game rocks a lot, I play it all day because it is so interesting - no wonder it is considered as the game that made Rovio famous. But the good news is that the original Angry Birds is now available on the Windows Phone App Store but the game is free for a limited time only.

   Despite being available for Windows Phone 7 Users for a long time, Rovio didn't include all of the updates that it launched for the game’s iOS and Android Users.
But now, the new version fixes this and is available for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

   The pig bashing fun is going to be free for Windows Phone users until May 15, 2013. After that it’s going to be $0.99. So Windows Phone users, what are you waiting for? Click Here now to download and install the updated Angry Birds on your Windows phone.

Do you know other games that is also interesting and enjoyable like Angry Birds? or Do you have anything to say about Angry Birds. Please, Share your thoughts via comments.

Enjoy !!!

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