Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Microsoft officially announces Windows 10 - The Best Windows Yet !!!

   With the Windows 8.1 at hand, I've always expected the next version of Microsoft's Windows Operating System to be Windows 9. In fact, we've seen several leaks and heard rumours about this Windows OS and it was referred to as Windows 9 but unfortunately, it turned out to be named - 'Windows 10'. Fortunately, this Operating System (OS) even has more than what we've been hoping for. It is the official successor of Windows 8 and it has all the features that has been rumoured before.

Windows 10

    This newly announced version of Windows will be available across all devices (PC, Tablets, Phones etc). On the PC side, Windows 10 has got Windows 7 lovers covered because the start menu is finally back, many Windows users refused to upgrade to Windows 8 because of the removal of the start menu, even though Microsoft tried to restore it later through the Windows 8.1 update but they still think it's annoying and difficult to use. Finally on the Windows 10, the start menu is back and better, with a distinct 'Metro' vibe. It has tiles & icons and the tiles can be resized. Also, the new Search feature in the Start Menu pulls results from the Web as well as local content on the PC itself. Another feature known as 'Snap View' now works with both Windows and Modern apps, and it’s even been expanded to allow a maximum of four apps to be on the screen at the same time.

Micrososft Windows 10

    Microsoft also included “task view” which aims at making multitasking easier. For users of Windows 10 on touchscreen devices, the Charms bar (originally on Windows 8) is still there, when you swipe from the left, you’re presented with the task view... If you buy a convertible laptop / tablet that has a touchscreen but can also be used with a keyboard and touchpad, Microsoft has got you covered too, with Continuum. This switches the UI based on touch or keyboard input. 

   Note that the final build of Windows 10 will be out in 2015, possibly around the middle of the year. More details about the features inside Windows 10 will be explained by Microsoft at its Build conference in April 2015. The “general intent” of Microsoft is to make Windows 10 “available as an update for the vast majority of devices” and to “blend the experience” across devices that have screens ranging from 4 inches to 80 inches, so in order to do this, a unified application store for every device running Windows 10 has been promised. Here is an official introduction video of Windows 10, Enjoy ---->

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