Friday, October 31, 2014

Lumia 635 with Accessories is better than Buying the iPhone 6

A picture was posted on Twitter via Nokia USA Account (by Microsoft) which shows few reasons why buying the Lumia 635 is better than buying the iPhone 6. It's not only under probability that the price tag might be one of the main reasons, in fact, almost all the reasons still revolve round the price. Here is the original tweet below -
Do you want to know why Microsoft came up with this picture ? Then continue reading !!!

Lumia 635 with accessories vs iPhone 6

Now, let's look at it this way, instead of buying a $700 iPhone 6 you can get a $100 LTE-enabled Lumia 635 plus a lot of accessories and free services on a much lower price. The key selling points of Microsoft's Smartphones against Apple's iPhones are its free Office suite, Lync, OneDrive (at least 15GB free storage), MixRadio (free music streaming service) and its Xbox Exclusive Lumia titles. That’s what you get with each $100 Nokia Lumia 635 you buy. 

Now, let's assume you want to buy as many accessories as possible for your Lumia 635, the Nokia Portable Wireless Speaker goes only for $60, while the Nokia Portable Universal Charger costs $25, another $25 for a high-quality Coloud Pop in-ear headset, then a $30 Coloud Knock on-ear headphones, you can also spend $15 for an additional Lumia 635 rear shell. Finally, getting a Nokia Treasure Tag accessory for just $39.99 is not a bad idea. You might be surprised that we've bought almost all the accessories available for the Nokia Lumia 635 and yet with all of those, it's still a good deal of $269.99. You can complete the mathematics yourself and see how many Nokia Lumia 635 + Accessories you can get for the price of an iPhone 6.

Lumia 635

With all these analysis, I personally believe that Microsoft has a point here which can only be understood by the light smartphone users who wants to save money for bigger and better things but still, I understand how it feels to have a premium device which delivers astonishing performance, no matter how expensive it is. Now back to you, which one of them will you go for ? A $700 iPhone 6 or A $269.99 Lumia 635 with lots of accessories. Let's hear from you via the comment box.

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