Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Accidental Damage for Handling Warranty Offer

   The Accidental Damage for Handling (ADH) is a warranty offer from Samsung for Samsung Galaxy S4 users which helps in repairing your Samsung Galaxy S4 Free of charge if it gets damaged. The damages is only limited to Screen and Liquid damages, so if your Samsung Galaxy S4 has a Screen Damage or it drops into a liquid, you can take it and go for a free
repair at any Samsung Accredited Service Center near you but you have to register for the Accidental Damage for Handling immediately you purchase your Samsung Galaxy S4.

   To register for Accidental Damage for Handling (ADH), send a SMS with the text - 'REG*Your SmartPhone's Serial Number#' and send it to 20353. For example, REG*123456789101112# and send to 20353. Note that this activation must be done within 30days of purchasing the Smartphone. If not, your phone will not be repaired FREE if it gets a broken screen or drops in to water.

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