How to use Glo BlackBerry Internet Subscription (BIS) on PC and other Devices

   The GLO Blackberry Internet Subscription (BIS) is working and rocking on PC these days provided you are using the correct Access Point (APN) settings and you can also use it on any device that allows you to edit the Access Point (APN).

How to browse with GLO BIS on PC

   The GLO BIS will work perfectly on a GLO Bolt or GLO NetPro modem but you can still use it on other 3G modems though some modems might end up not working with your GLO SIM card.

>> Subscribe to any of the following GLO BIS with your GLO SIM (You can insert your GLO SIM into any phone to subscribe not compulsorily BlackBerry)

Data Plans
Weekly Plan (700MB)
N400/ week
Monthly Plan (3GB)
N1400/ month

>> Put the GLO SIM into your internet modem and insert it into your PC’s USB port

>> On your modem interface, click on ‘Tools’ >> ‘Options’ >> ‘Profile Management’    >> ‘New

 >> After clicking on ‘New’, fill the following in the space provided

Profile: GLO BIS


Access number: *99#

Username: (leave it blank)

Password: (leave it blank)

>> When you are through filling the information provided above, click ‘Save’ and the new     GLO BIS settings would be saved 

>> Now, click on the connection button and select ‘GLO BIS’ from the drop down box, then click on ‘Connect

    Now you are good to go, you can now enjoy the GLO BIS on your PC, Smartphone, Pocket PC, PDA or any mobile device that just allows you to edit and input your preferred Access Point (APN). To check your GLO BIS data balance anytime, just send a text message (SMS) with STATUS to 777. 

   Hope This Helps, in case you have any question, comment or suggestions, kindly make use of the comment box below and don’t forget to share this interesting post with your friends.
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  1. ℓ̊ tried it on my pc using glo 3g subscription but didn't work do Ɣ☺υ̲̣̥ know anything else ℓ̊ could try

  2. It wont work with the 3g settings, what you have to do is use this Glo BlackBerry settings after activating the monthly or weekly BB plan, it will surely work... hope this helps

  3. Hey I have a universal Modem, The BIS plan does not work on it. Airtel BIS does work , any leads on Glo BIS?

    1. It should work on it since its a universal modem, maybe you are not getting the settings right.

  4. I just subscribed the 3GB SOMONTH plan. It has stopped working. I do use the 700MB COMONTH before and it normally works. But now the 3GB SOMONTH is no longer working

  5. I also noticed the same thing on my phone But i think the heavy rainfall the day before yesterday caused all the BIS problem, i will keep you updated when everything is resolved...

  6. Glo bis on modems is not working any more.what's wrong ??

    1. We dont know yet, you can use Airtel BIS for the main time, i will publish a post on that soon...

  7. its stopped working a long tyme ago.. I think they changed their access point for BIS

  8. same here, what is wrong?

  9. Hello Everyone, It has been confirmed that Glo have finally blocked the BIS from working on PC and other devices but dont worry too much because i will soon publish a post on how to use MTN BIS on PC and Android devices... Just stay tuned

  10. Hello is there any new development on glo issue

    1. Nothing Yet... GLO BIS Subscription still not working on PC

  11. Tnks bro worked for me

  12. Lex says

    .. dear sir:
    pls I was using the #1000 =3gb Glo BBC.. on my pc as a Morden through USB and blackberry desktop manager.
    but stopped working when Glo made it #1400 = 3gb data BBC.
    pls how can I make it work.?
    nb: I am using a bb9790 as Morden and have used the APN as and haven't changed it ..


    1. Hi Lex,

      Don't know why it stopped working.. GLO only increased the price, they didn't stop or remove anything as far as I know.


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