Saturday, May 11, 2013

How to get free Likes and Comments on your Facebook Status and Facebook Photo

   At times on Facebook, Do you wonder why some peoples will have 120comments and 78likes on their Facebook status update while some will only have 2comments and 1like on theirs despite the fact that they have the same number of friends ? If you are among those mentioned later, then search no more because this tutorial will teach you How to get free Likes and Comments on your Facebook Status update and Photo Upload.

Are you ready ?? Just follow the steps below :

For Likes on Status updates
  1. First Of All, Write A Status update Or Upload A Picture on Facebook And Make it Visible To Public while you are updating or uploading it.
  2. Now, Click Here … After clicking, Note that the Process Might take up to 2Minutes but it’s the easiest way to get free LIKES.
  3. You will see a note on the new page that opens in your browser like this – “Please Install xPeria For Signing In LikeLo [Facebook Might Ask You To Login]”.

  4. Now, A java Application will run on your computer asking you for permission, make sure you run the Java app and grant it the permission it requested for.
  5. You will be redirected back to your browser after running the Java App and a small Facebook login page will be displayed, login to your Facebook account with the Facebook login box.
  6. Now, you will see a long list of your MOST RECENT status, photos and feeds updates on Facebook.
  7. Just click ‘Submit’ in front of the status or photo you want to get free likes on and wait for a while.
  8. Surprised smile Done !!! Now login to Facebook and you will see the status or photo you submitted with some likes on it.
  9. Note that the LIKES you get on your status varies, at times you may get up to 50 likes and at times, it may be as low as just 5 likes.
  10. To get so many likes, repeat this process as many times as possible.

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Hope This Helps !!!

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