Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Get Unlimited Internet on your Android Phone with MTN BlackBerry Internet and DroidVPN

   It is so difficult to browse the internet and stream online videos on our Smartphones in Nigeria, especially Android users because of the high priced data plans with low & limited data cap our network providers are offering. Blackberry users are enjoying when it comes to Internet data usage because with just #1000, they can get up to 3GB of data for a month. But despite the fact that I'm also using Android, can you believe I've been surfing the internet, chatting with friends and watching live football matches on my Android Smartphone ? Wondering how i did it ? Don't worry - be happy. I'm going to explain how i did it.

   Now, This post will explain to you fully 'How to browse on your Android Smartphone via DroidVPN with MTN BIS' but note that your Android phone must be rooted, if you don't know what it means to root an Android phone, read about it here - Android Rooting : What does it mean ? Advantages and Disadvantages. If your Android Smartphone is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich then you don't have to worry too much because DroidVPN will work on your phone without rooting it. Now, Here goes the tutorial.

Configuration of DroidVPN with MTN BIS on Android

  1. Subscribe to BlackBerry Internet Service - Daily, Weekly or Monthly Data Plan
  2. Register for a DroidVPN FREE account here at DroidVPN
  3. After completing your registration, Download DroidVPN to your Android Phone
  4. Open up your Phone Settings and set up a new APN with the following details - Access Point Name (APN) = , Username = web and Password = web (Refer to MTN Internet Configuration Settings for Android SmartPhones for more details if you don't know how to set this up, but if you've already set this up, move to the next step)
  5. Now, launch DroidVPN and sign in with your registered username and password
  6. Go to Settings and click on Connection Protocol then change it to UDP. Also click on Set UDP Port and type 500 in the box provided
  7. Go back and choose 'Free Server 2' from the listed servers.
  8. Now, click the connect button, wait for a while then you'll be connected to the Internet !!!
  NOTE: The free DroidVPN account limits you to 100MB/day which sums up to 3GB/month. This is not enough for heavy internet users like me because I love Music and I download Music and Videos a lot, so what i do to make my DroidVPN Internet access unlimited is that I upgrade my account with just $4.99 giving me access to all the Premium servers listed in DroidVPN.

  Do you have any difficulty while following the procedures in this tutorial ? I will be glad to help. Kindly drop your questions, suggestions, contributions and don't forget to share this informative post with your friends.


  1. Do u av a way I cn use my BIS to browse on my pc?

    1. Yes, Kindly Check this post for details on how to browse with your BIS on PC -

  2. Hi Good Job. Does this info applies to iphone users as well ? And please how can I get my iphone to browse on any network using any BIS subscription ? Thanks!

  3. pls how do u creat usename and password on droidvpn?

    1. You can create a DroidVPN username and password at the DroidVPN website.. Just click here - Sign Up for DroidVPN. Input your email address and choose your preferred username and password. That's All

  4. Does this still work?

  5. Yeah, nice one...does this droidvpn thing still work now?

    1. It doesn't work with MTN and Others right now...


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