Saturday, November 23, 2013

Download 5 Free eBooks - PHP, CSS, Fireworks, Dreamweaver and JavaScript

   Few weeks ago, I remember I shared a free eBook with our Blog readers titled - HTML / JavaScript for Visual Learners. The eBook helped me a lot then i thought it will be helpful to others too that's why I created a post with the download link to it and so many people downloaded the eBook although no one dropped any comment about it yet so i guess some are still busy implementing what they read in the eBook.Today, I will also be sharing some eBooks. Keep reading !!!

   There are so many programming languages and also softwares that a successful web designer, web developer and even blogger must be familiar with in order to make his or her online expertise a success. After having basic knowledge of  HTML, its very important to learn & focus on PHP because PHP is a widely used open source and general purpose scripting language. Although, PHP which started life as Personal Home Page was initially designed to help users with web page tasks but it has become a fully-developed language today now known as - PHP Hypertext Preprocessor which shows its expanded abilities to process web pages before displaying them.

   Also, no one will want to create an attractive and dynamic website with no images, pictures or graphics. I wonder how a website without quality graphics will look like, taking this part into consideration - it's also important to learn how to use at least a graphics designing software. e.g Macromedia Fireworks. To cut the story short, I've decided to share another series of eBooks today which will be helpful to everyone. By the time you download these eBooks, you will know more about these programming languages & software and also learn how to use them. The eBooks include eBooks on PHP, Macromedia Fireworks, CSS, JavaScript and Dreamweaver. Kindly download them below -

PHP eBook - Download Here
CSS eBook - Download Here
Fireworks eBook - Download Here
JavaScript eBook - Download Here
Dreamweaver eBook - Download Here

   Now that you've downloaded these eBooks, kindly take your time to read them & understand what you read. Doing this will give you more insights and expanded knowledge on those areas of web development. Do you find this post and the eBooks useful ? or Do you have any question about this post ? Kindly drop a comment using the comment box below and don't forget to share this important post with your friends, it will surely help them too. Blessings !!!


  1. Thanks a lot Ayo.. You rock !!!

  2. i can't access them. This is my email address please send

    1. Hi Taiwo,

      Sorry about that. The link will be fixed ASAP so you'll be able to download them. Thanks

  3. Waooh come across this useful tools I would have love to have
    But whoops! I can't download em.. Saying too much traffic on acct n so temporary disabled..

    1. Hi Mr Philemon,

      So sorry about that, glad you are interested in downloading the materials, I'll fix the link ASAP so you can download them. Cheers!


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