Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10 Amazing & High Quality Pictures Captured with Smartphones [Must See]

   Did you use your Phone to take these pictures ? Yes, I did. I don't believe you, stop kidding. Honestly, I'm not kidding. This conversation is a conversation between a friend and I, he was checking some pictures I took with my phone during a social gathering and he was stunned by the fantastic quality of the pictures. Later on, he admitted - " many Digital Cameras will not do more than this ". Well, you might be wondering why I used this experience to start this blog post, yes it's because of the mindset that some people have about Smartphones' Camera, they think they are not good enough to capture the exciting moments of their lives. No wonder we see some who own a Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S4 and still buy a 8MP Digital Camera for taking photos. In this post, we'll be displaying 10 great pictures which you'll find almost impossible to believe, that they were taken with a Smartphone's Camera. Thanks to PhoneArena for the Pictures.

1. Samsung Galaxy S4

2. Samsung Galaxy SIII

3. Apple iPhone 4

4. Samsung Galaxy SIII mini

5. Apple iPhone 5

6. Apple iPhone 4S


8. Google Nexus 4

9. Nokia Lumia 920

10. Sony Xperia Z1

   I hope you are now convinced that Smartphones' Camera is really really getting better and better, if you're not before. Well, my question for you is - which of the pictures is your favourite ? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10 ? Let us know via the comment box. You are also free to download and use any of these pictures as your wallpaper or background since they are high quality pictures. Hope this helps !!!

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