Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Airtel WTF Bundle - Frequently Asked Questions About It

   The WTF bundle has been explained before in this post - " Chat on WhatsApp & BBM and Browse Twitter & Facebook for just #200 Monthly on Airtel ". If you've not read it before, you can just click on the link and read it. This post contains the questions you might have after reading the post. In case you still have any further question after checking out this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), just drop your questions using the comment box at the bottom.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the WTF Bundle

What is the WTF Bundles?
The WTF bundle is a bundle that allows customers to access WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook & BBM on their mobile devices. It is aimed at giving customers who spend a lot of time on social networks more value for money. More details about it can be found here ==> " Chat on WhatsApp & BBM and Browse Twitter & Facebook for just #200 Monthly on Airtel "

What devices can access the WTF Bundles?
All mobile devices can access the WTF bundles.

Who can subscribe to WTF Bundles?
All Airtel Prepaid subscribers.

How do I subscribe to the WTF Bundle? Dial *990# to get the monthly WTF Bundle at N200
Dial *991# to get the weekly WTF Bundle at N100

How do I check the WTF Bundle balance?
Simply dial *990*0# to check your balance

Will my subscription renew automatically after it expires?
Yes, auto-renewal will occur as long as you have the requisite airtime.

If I do not exhaust my WTF bundle before it expires, will I be able to carry forward the remaining unused data?
No, you will not be able to carry forward the unused data. However, if you purchase another WTF bundle before expiry, the data will be accumulated (added to)

Will I be cut off when the data volume subscribed for expires or is consumed?
Subsequent to expiration or complete consumption of the WTF bundle, you will be charged at PAYU rates of 5kobo per kilobyte for further internet activity.

Can the WTF Bundle be used outside the country?
No, this is not possible.


  1. How do I deactivate?

    1. Hello,

      Dial *990*100# to opt-out.

    2. Please it says invalid request, is there another way to deactivate?

  2. Pls how do I unsubscribe from WTF bundle, I have tried *990*100# I have tried sending stop to 991 it is not working, airtel keeps carrying my money even though am on another data plan .pls this should stop and how can I stop it

  3. How do I unsubscribe from it


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