35 Websites where You can Download Videos for FREE via Savefrom

Recently, we released a very helpful post titled - "How to download Videos to your PC and Phone from YouTube via Savefrom.net". In this post, we explained how you can download full-length Movies, Videos and even Audio to your PC and Phone (such as Blackberry, Android, iPhone etc) from YouTube by making use of the Savefrom.net website. It is good to know that you can also download videos from many other video sharing websites and communities too via the same procedure explained in the post, just that the download source is different. Do spend some of your time checking out the list, who knows maybe you'll find some useful videos to download from them.


=> DailyMotion.com
=> FileFactory.com
=> LiveJournal.com
=> SendSpace.com
=> MetaCafe.com
=> Break.com
=> Vimeo.com
=> SevenLoad.com
=> Smotri.com
=> Yandex.ru
=> Mail.ru
=> Rambler.ru
=> Tvigle.ru
=> Intv.ru
=> VK.com
=> SoundCloud.com
=> LiveInternet.ru
=> Guitar-Tube.com
=> Twitch.tv
=> GameTrailers.com
=> Karusel-tv.ru
=> NTV.ru
=> Mreporter.ru
=> RUTV.ru
=> Zaycev.net
=> LTV.ru
=> Vesti.ru
=> Amik.ru
=> Kiwi.kz
=> Life.ru
=>  Russia.ru
=> Autoplustv.ru
=>  A1tv.ru

If you need help on how to download videos from these websites, kindly refer to the post here -> How to Download Videos from Video-sharing communities via Savefrom.net .Have you tried using Savefrom.net to download videos from other websites apart from the ones listed above ? Kindly share those websites with us using the comment box. Thanks !
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