Sunday, May 17, 2015

Highlights and Pictures at the Jumia Tech Bloggers Round Table Event

The Jumia Tech Blogger Round Table Event was held on the 14th of May, 2015 at the Jumia Head Quarters as it was stated in our previous post. The event was so informative, interesting and fantastic, not only because of the presence of the top players in the Tech game but because of the knowledge shared and gained. The event was anchored by Bertille Guitton, Head of Communication Jumia.The Marketing Managing Director of Jumia Nigeria, Dr. Jonathan Doerr made the opening speech, then the Tech Bloggers and Brands introduced themselves and the event started. 

The passion for mobile phones and technology was very evident in the room right from the opening address made by Jonathan Doerr, to the engaging, enlightening and excellent conversation that ensued. The bloggers had the representatives of the mobile brands (Samsung, LG, Innjoo, Infinix, Tecno and Lenovo) on their toes as they questioned them on topics which spanned from operating system updates, priorities, affordability, expectations and more ! Some very important Mobile and Tech-related questions were also answered by both parties, questions like - "Which would you say is the best Operating System ?", "What do you mostly use your Smartphone for ?", "What do you reckon is the most welcome mobile phone gimmick ?" etc Then after that, the Blogger vs Brand session took place, which was included just to know who has the most knowledge on Smartphone and its entire industry.

I've included a download link to the summary of the Jumia Tech Blogger Round Table event which you can download here (PDF file). The file highlights every thing that was discussed at the event. Recapping the flow of events, a very insightful mobile phone infographic was revealed, reflected on, reviewed and then ultimately well received. Some facts derived included the fact that battery life was the number one priority phone users considered while buying a phone and a Powerbank was also the most important mobile phone accessory. Don't forget that there are so many answered questions which you'll also like to know about, so the questions and answers with many other details has been published into a very detailed infographic as mentioned earlier which we'll be sharing in our next post.

What do you think about this event ? Kindly drop your opinions by making use of the comment box. More upcoming updates. Stay tuned !

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