Saturday, July 18, 2015

Here is a List of The World's most Powerful International Passports

While surfing the internet and reading around online as usual, I stumbled upon a very informative and interesting article on CNN and I thought it'd be nice to share it with you here. Even though it's not really related to technology, but it is still very worthy of being shared on a Tech Blog. This post is all about the most powerful international passports in the world with the numbers of countries that each passport can access without a visa, or by getting visa on arrival. There is no doubt that a passport from a country on good diplomatic terms with other countries is a very powerful tool, allowing holders to travel across borders so easily.

As always expected, developed countries with advanced economies fare the best. If you are to guess which country comes in the first place, I know you'd at least have a very good and close guess. Now, did you guessed right ? Here is the brief details within - for first place are U.S. and U.K. passports, which give holders access to 147 countries. Passports from the world's most populous country, China, offer quick access to 74 countries while Indian passport holders aren't so lucky, with 59 easy destinations. A Russian passport provides 98 country options.

Here is a list of the top-ranked passports, followed by the number of countries they offer access to: 
  • U.S., U.K. (147 countries)
  • France, South Korea, Germany (145 countries)
  • Sweden, Italy (144 countries)
  • Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands (143 countries)
  • Switzerland (142 countries)

And the bottom-ranked passports: 

  • Congo (Dem. Rep.), Yemen, Central African Republic, Kosovo (41 countries)
  • Equatorial Guinea, Bhutan, Comoros, Burundi (40 countries)
  • Somalia, Eritrea (39 countries)
  • Afghanistan, Djibouti, Iraq, Ethiopia, Nepal (38 countries)
  • South Sudan, Solomon Islands, Palestinian Territories, Sao Tome and Principe, Myanmar (28 countries)

If you are really current and up to date when it comes to Travels, then you'll know that a Nigerian Passport can give you access to 44 countries, some being visa free like those countries in ECOWAS and others being visa on arrival. I hope you'll find this informative post useful on a very bright Saturday morning and use this to better plan your holidays in the coming weeks. Hope this helps !


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