Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"ROC Live Life Loud" - Cristiano Ronaldo Unveils New Audio Brand In Surprise

This is what I call Creativity, this is what I call Diversifiability and the owner I call Cristiano Ronaldo. I was so surprised and wowed when I stumbled upon Cristiano Ronaldo's new funny video online. The video is not the main reason I was surprised but seeing a Great sportsman being so techie and musical at the same time, if you understand what I mean. Well, I'll break the news to you - "Cristiano Ronaldo now has a new Brand named ROC Live Life Loud" which was coined from his name, its tagline is Live Life Loud. 

Cristiano Ronaldo explained that Music is part of his life and it inspires him and this passion he has for music motivated him to start the ROC by Monster brand which is an Audio accessories or to be more specific 'Headset' producing company, something similar to Beats by Dre.

There is no better way to unleash a new brand and product(s) than to unveil it in the busiest plaza in a city center (Madrid) with the World's Best Player on disguise. Cristiano Ronaldo was dressed like a homeless young man with Beards and hair all over his face, he was playing football and showing his skills as people passes by, not knowing who that really is. Ooh, he even asked for a lady's Phone number and she didn't answer him (I feel sorry for the lady now). After playing the ball with a young little boy for some minutes, he uncovered himself and the whole City was shocked. I think it's better for you to see the Video yourself below, I can't just explain enough.

Here is another video that briefly highlights the story of ROC by Monsters -

Presently, 4 types of the ROC by Monster headsets and earpieces are presently available for pre-order on Cristiano Ronaldo's eBay store. You can go ahead and check them out here - ROC by Monster. One of our upcoming posts will be providing you with more insights on the ROC by Monster Audio accessories. There is no bigger move from a Great football player than to move into other part of life, to the extent of unveiling his own Tech + Music brand. I wish Cristiano Ronaldo success in the establishment of his new brand and business. What do you think about this ? I'll love to hear from you through the comment box at the bottom and don't forget to share this new post with others. Cheers !!!

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