Sunday, April 17, 2016

PompAdapter - A Smart Device that Doubles Your Smartphone's Charging Speed

As you are reading this post right now, a smart device is undergoing its development and production stage, it will be tested and later produced massively, that is if it ends up to see the light of day, which we are now 100% certain of. This smart device is called Pomp Adapter and it's going to be a saviour for most of us who are really entangled to our Mobile devices and wanna charge them as quick as possible then start using them again. I know you're interested in knowing fully well what this device is all about, why we need this device and how it works, here are the details!

Why the Smart PompAdapter is needed!

There are different occasions whereby a supply's power interface cannot match device’s charging mode, which makes it impossible for the device's maximum current needed to be supplied. With the Smart PompAdapter, this problem has been solved. To make it clearer, you know that when you're charging a Samsung mobile phone with a non-original USB charger, the USB charger cannot match Samsung's charging mode, which will make the charging slow and might even cause your device to hang during usage while charging. Now, if you are charging with PompAdapter it would help to enable the accurate charging mode for your Samsung mobile phone - that’s the maximum current a Samsung mobile phone needs, which boost up the device's charging power and gets fully charged in a very short time.

Better still, here's another real life situation where the PompAdapter will come handy. Lets say you’re away on a business trip or traveling with your Laptop, tablet, and cell phones, you don’t need to take all your original USB Chargers with you. All you need is a Smart adapter which will charge all your mobile devices and tablet fully in the shortest time possible. The USB power output of Laptops don't have any smart detach function; it usually provides 500mAh for all charging devices, but if charging with PompAdapter, it helps to detach your mobile phone's charging mode and change the charging modes accordingly to provide the maximum current to shorten charging time.

How the smart PompAdapter works!

The changing of charging modes and automatically detecting each device's maximum current needed has been made possible by a very small smart integrated circuit (I.C) in the PompAdapter. In addition to that, this same smart I.C makes it possible for the PompAdapter to automatically turn itself off when your device is fully charged, causing no power drainage. So sweet!

Interestingly, the PompAdapter can be used almost anywhere, in the office, car, at home and wherever, just hold your USB cable and plug it to your Laptop or Charger, you don't have to worry about getting it fully charged in a very small period of time because PompAdapter will do just that for you.

Here is a brief video on how it works - 

If you are really interested in making this device a reality, which is already coming to be. Kindly support the development and production of the device by contributing here. You can also secure your PompAdapter, and it'll get shipped to you as soon as it's out in August 2016. Here in the image below is the detailed info on how and when the smart device will be dispatched to its backers.

This smart device will be reviewed here on this Blog as soon as it is out, for you to know how good and effective it is. Don't forget to subscribe to our FREE mailing list so you won't miss the review and other interesting upcoming posts. What do you think about this device? Hot or Not? Use the comment box below to drop your comments.

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