Saturday, June 8, 2013

HTC, Samsung and LG Fighting on Twitter, What a clash !!!

   If you visit almost any website or blog covering topics or creating reviews and info about Smartphones then you will surely see readers and commenters always arguing about which Mobile phone producer is the best maybe Samsung, maybe HTC or at times - Nokia. Well, such a thing happened last night after the mobile award’s conclusion in United Kingdom yesterday, a lot of funny & interesting tweets stormed twitter but the funniest part of this is the fact that those tweets are kind of childish which can even make you laugh and full of bursts. During the awards, HTC won the hottest Smartphone in 2013 with their astonishing HTC ONE Windows Phone 8 while Samsung won 3 other awards causing the drama to start on twitter.

   Later on yesterday, HTC UK boasted its victory on twitter by tweeting and adding – ‘Ouch @SamsungMobileUKat the end of the tweet.

 Then Samsung fired HTC back by tweeting - @htc_uk that’s okay guys, our arms were full with the other three awards we took home last night. You can have that one!

   Then, Samsung’s tweet hit HTC badly and HTC replied - @SamsungMobileUK all those students you paid to write fake reviews of your competitors finally paid off. Pay rise, maybe?
   At this very moment, I couldn’t hold it anymore so I started laughing not until LG UK joined the conversation and stylishly settled the controversial awards fight with a damn funny picture, can you imagine what the picture could be? See it yourself!!!

    LoL, The most amazing and interesting fight I've ever seen on Twitter, So what do you think about this? Who is the real man and who is the little boy ? HTC or Samsung ? Lets hear from you, make use of the comment box provided below and make sure you share this with your friends. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend already. 

See you soon !!!

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