Thursday, August 4, 2016

This USB Clock Fan will Amaze You and It's Just $5.99 Only! with Free Shipping

While shopping for some items online, I stumbled upon an Item which I'll like to share with you all. This item is a very rare and unique one which caught my attention - It's a USB Clock Fan. This USB Clock Fan is very simple to use, just plug it in to your Laptop's USB Port or Power Bank and the fan starts to work immediately and the colourful clock will come up and start working as well. The most interesting part of this little gadget is its price tag - just $5.99 (around #2000). I won't be able to say much about this item since I've not tried it out myself but here are the details of how it works. I'll post a hands-on review when I get mine.

USB Fan Clock

Mini and convenient design, bringing you more cool and right time in the office, you can present this as a gift to your family and friends, especially if the person is tech-savvy. It is a better way to show your refined taste and express your mind to a tech geek because its unique, premium, practical and very easy to use.

Main Feature:
1. Plug and play, no external power supply is needed.
2. Power supply DC 5V direct from the USB port.
3. Keep fanning until you unplug the USB fan or turn off the notebook or PC.
4. Gentle ray, bright, with or without frequency change, benefit from preventing eyesight.
5. Power saving design: Low power consumption.
6. Durable soft fan blades make you free of injury.
7. Gently adjust the flexible neck of USB fan to position the breeze anyway you wish.

USB Fan Clock with PowerBank

How to set the time:
1. Plug the fan into a USB port and press the button to turn fan on and to activate the clock display.
2. Press and hold the button until the minute hand starts blinking then release.
3. When blinking, press and hold the button until the clock hands start to rotate and release when you reach the desired time.
4. To make small changes, press the SET button once for each minutes.
5. The time will be automatically saved in after 6 seconds no activity.
6. After the first time setting, it will remain like that even if you power off, and no need to set the time again.

If you are interested in this USB Clock Fan, navigate to to buy it now! Note that this item is a Free Shipping item which means that you won't pay any shipping fee and also, the $5.99 price tag is a promo price (price slash) which will last for only 6 days. After that, it'll go back to its previous price, which is $8.14, it may even increase. What do you think about this gadget? Will you buy it or not? Let's hear your thoughts via the comment box! Kindly share this nice deal with your family and friends so they won't miss out. Have a nice day!

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