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Samsung Galaxy S5 - Features, Specs, Price and Release Date

   The year 2013 is already running out and its a great year in the Mobile Tech world because we've already seen so many Smartphones, Phablets and Tablets released. We've seen HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, Nexus 5, Sony Xperia Z and so many other smart devices. But what do you think next year 2014 have for us ? Smarter devices, right ? One of the Smarter devices we are expecting is the Samsung Galaxy S5 which will be released in the next few months, I cant wait to see this #SmartBeast.

   Although, Samsung Galaxy S5 is not yet here but there is already a good number of rumors, leaks and indications, all of which can be used to get an image of the Galaxy S5. We've already come across so many leaks dealing with the Galaxy S5's release date, as well as some of its technical characteristics, such as its supposed screen size, CPU, camera and more. I'm sure you'll also want to peep at the Samsung Galaxy S5 before it really go official next year. Thanks to PhoneArena for providing a clear insight on the Galaxy S5.

NOTE: This post was published before the Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement and it's like a preview of what to expect in the Galaxy S5 before it was released. To read the full features, specs and review of the Samsung Galaxy S5, click here --> Samsung Galaxy S5 - Specifications, Features, Review and Price

Features, Specs, Price and Release Date of Galaxy S5

1. Galaxy S5 may have a 5"+ display with 2560 x 1440 resolution

Samsung's AMOLED technology is loved by some, and despised by others but there is no doubt that the Galaxy S5 will also feature an AMOLED screen. However, some unofficial sources claim that this time around we may even see a bigger screen than the 5" seen on the Galaxy S4. Some claim it's going to be a 5.3" display, others don't provide exact numbers, but we are undoubtedly expecting a bigger screen.
Galaxy S5 may feature a 5"+ Display

2. Galaxy S5 may feature a new 64-bit Exynos chipset

Rumor has it that Samsung is gearing up to equip the Galaxy S5 with a brand new version of Exynos - one that features a 64-bit architecture. Other sources however, think that Samsung will once again choose to out two versions of Galaxy S5 - one with the Exynos 64-bit and one with the Snapdragon 805 which is Qualcomm's latest and greatest chipset. In any case, I'm very sure the Galaxy S5 is going to be a Beast.
Galaxy S5 may feature a new 64-bit Exynos chipset

3. Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature 4GB of RAM

With Smartphones producers like Gionee stepping up with much more better and multitask-handling RAM on their new devices. Samsung is said to equip the Galaxy S5 with 4GB of RAM. However, some claims that the Galaxy S5 is going to have 3GB of RAM instead. By the looks of it, both theories may turn out to be correct. For example, if there are two versions of the Galaxy S5, the one with the Exynos 64-bit chipset may have 4 GB RAM, while the Snapdragon 805 one may sport 3 gigs. That gives buyers options to choose from but don't expect the price to be the same if it goes out this way.

4. A Stunning 16 MP camera with OIS

The Galaxy S4's 13 MP camera is still among the very best Cam so far, but it's already starting to feel inferior to some of the new releases. Of course, Samsung will be looking to step up with a new sensor, and by the looks of it, it's going to be a 16 MP camera with optical image stabilization. It will look so real !!!
A Stunning 16 MP camera with OIS

5. Galaxy S5 may sport a fingerprint sensor

Well, the iPhone 5s has it, so it won't make any sense if Samsung fail to add a fingerprint sensor to their 2014 Smartphone because so many 2013 Smartphones already have it. Although it's not clear yet if the fingerprint sensor they are going to go for will be of the swipe type (as in the HTC One max), or of the touch type (as in the iPhone 5s). But lets just wait and see what they have been planning behind the scene.
Galaxy S5 may sport a fingerprint sensor

6. Galaxy S5... Plastic or Metal ?

One of the wildest rumors we've heard about the Galaxy S5 is that it may come with two different designs - one made of plastic, and one made of metal. It sure sounds crazy, but as far as Samsung is concerned, so many things are possible.
Samsung Galaxy S5 in Plastic and Metal

7. Galaxy S5 with Samsung Conference video call ?

We don't have much information about Samsung's TouchWiz user interface right now but we surely hope that a major redesign is going on. Still, we heard about one of the new software features that the Galaxy S5 is going to introduce - conference video calls! Not that you can't achieve conference video calling with a third-party service like Google's Hangouts app but Samsung just like having their own unique feature so that they'll be able to make more money from the device.

8. Galaxy S5 will be released earlier next year

Samsung isn't very happy with the Galaxy S4's current performance on the market, which is why it'll be looking to release its successor earlier than usual. Usually, the Galaxy S smartphones get released in the month of April - May, but this time around, Samsung is said to be pulling the launch earlier, to February or March 2014.

9. How much will the Samsung Galaxy S5 cost ?

When it comes to price, there isn't any information yet but according to PhoneArena's  explanatory guess, an unlocked Galaxy S5 will probably be offered at a  price range of €600 to €700.
   I really cant wait to see this device next year but seriously, I'm anxious to see what Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Apple and other Smartphones producers have for us next year. What do you think about Samsung's S5 ? Do you also have any official or even unofficial update on the device ? Kindly share it with us by using the comment box below. Don't forget to share this interesting & informative post with your Techie friends by using the Share buttons below. You Rock !!!

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