The Best and Easiest Tutorial on How to Root InnJoo Halo without a PC

Whenever I root a Smartphone successfully, I always try as much as possible to post the rooting method and procedures here to ensure that those that have the same type of Smartphone will be able to root theirs too without any stress. I've rooted varieties of Samsung, Infinix, Tecno and some other phones successfully, all with different root methods. Today, I'll be adding InnJoo to this list, InnJoo Halo to be precise. The rooting of the InnJoo Halo is as simple as ABC, you don't even need a Computer, all you need is an Application installed on your device and before you know it, your Halo has been granted root access.

How to Root InnJoo Halo

Before you move on, please note that you’re doing this at your own risk. I won't be held responsible for any damage that may arise with the procedures below. Also, you may lose the warranty on your InnJoo Halo by rooting it. 

UPDATE: This rooting process has also been confirmed to work on other InnJoo Smartphones too.


==> Download and Install the King Root Android App.

==> Ensure your Smartphone is connected to the Internet at first. After you've confirmed that it is connected, you can now launch the King Root App.

How to Root InnJoo Halo

NOTE: King Root only needs internet connection to confirm your root status.

==> Now, a "TRY TO ROOT" button will appear after your root status has been checked. Just click on it!

How to Root InnJoo Halo

==> The Rooting process will start and the App will start to read from 0% to 100% as shown below.

How to Root InnJoo Halo

==> During the rooting process your Phone may restart or just hang for a while, don't panic! The job is being done.

==> Now, the rooting process should read up to 100% and King Root should bring out a "Root successfully" notification.

How to Root InnJoo Halo

==> Note, if the root process just stop without reading up to 100% or without bringing out the "Root successfully" notification, you should click the "TRY TO ROOT" button again.[It happened exactly like this when I was rooting mine & I didn't give up :-)]

==> Now that you've successfully rooted your InnJoo Halo, you can now start enjoying the wild abilities of a rooted Android device.

How to Root InnJoo Halo

You can see how easy it is to root the InnJoo Halo. Hope you were able to root yours successfully! If you are facing any problem while rooting your InnJoo Halo, please drop a comment via the comment box. If you also had a smooth and successful root, dropping your testimonies will be surely appreciated. Please kindly share this post with others too. Cheers!!!
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  1. Does the king root app work for other android phone?

    1. Yes, it works for some Android phones. Most especially MTK devices.

  2. Please help me out, after rooting my innjoo hola phone using the above process I discovered it won't boot into the main menu.
    It Jz got stuck and shows innjoo when powered on.
    what's the way out plz

  3. Its not working for Injoo Halo android 5.1, its says root failed, no strategy now.

    1. Yeah, the root method above only works for InnJoo Halo running on Android 4.4 KitKat


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