Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to View the Full Specs of any Smartphone with Antutu Benchmarking App

    Its very important to be aware of which model, version and type of phone you are buying whenever you want to buy a Phone. During the production process of Smartphones, there are always different varieties produced with the same name but different Specs. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S III comes in different versions, there are some that has 1GB of RAM (i9300) while some has 2GB of RAM (SGH-T999), some run on the Dual-Core ARMv7 Processor while some run on different Processor, some features 16GB of Internal storage and some, 32GB and 64GB.

    Now, lets assume you want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 from someone and He's telling you that it runs on 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage etc.. How will you know if the exact Galaxy S3 you are buying is the 32GB version not the 16GB version ? How will you know if All the Specs mentioned by the Seller is really on the Phone ? How will you know if you are buying the real phone or a Cloned Phone ? So that you wont be paying extra for a Phone you shouldn't have priced that much before.

   The best way to get the full details, specifications and features of a Smartphone is to use a Benchmarking Application. Benchmarking Applications are Apps that look deep into a Smartphone and tell you what Specs exactly is in the phone, also running various tests to determine the speed, performance and ability of a Smartphone . The best Benchmarking App to use is the Antutu Benchmark App; this great App lets you run series of tests like CPU tests, RAM tests, GPU tests, I/O tests etc. to determine how fast and efficient your Smartphone is.

   Please, have it in mind that whenever you are buying a Smartphone (most especially - Used), you must download and run this Application on the phone, so that you'll be able to get the full details of the phone before buying it. This App is really helpful in detecting if a device is cloned or not, so you'll probably not fall victim to a Cloned Samsung Galaxy S4 like a friend did few days ago.

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