How to Change the IMEI Number of Your Android Phone to BlackBerry's

This is a well-explained tutorial on how to change the IMEI number of your Android Smartphone to that of BlackBerry, so that you can easily use BlackBerry subscriptions and data plans on your phone without any difficulty. Note that the BlackBerry IMEI used in this post is that of BlackBerry 10, though this tutorial is applicable to any type of IMEI you want to change your device's IMEI to. Thus, this tutorial will come handy whenever you need to change your Phone's IMEI. Now let's go straight to the point!

Things you need !

- Rooted Android Phone >> You must have rooted your Android Phone before thinking of changing the IMEI number because you can't change IMEI without root access so if you are yet to root your phone, you should refer to the various tutorials listed below on how to root your Android phone. If none of the tutorials worked for you then drop your phone model and details via the comment box so I can guide you on how to root it.

- IMEI number you want to change to >> You must have the correct IMEI number of the device you want to change to. Since this post is all about how to change your IMEI to that of BlackBerry 10 then the IMEI of BlackBerry 10 will be provided within for your usage.

- An App and a website to confirm the validity of the generated IMEI number and change it on your device.

Getting Started!

Generating a Valid BlackBerry 10 IMEI Number!

1. First thing I'll advice you to do is write down the current IMEI of your Phone and keep it somewhere safe. You can get the current IMEI by dialing *#06# on your phone.

2. Here is the IMEI of BlackBerry 10 -> 356760051192 which we are going to use. Note that IMEI numbers are always 15 digits but the one provided above is just 12 digits, so to make it 15 digits, you have to randomly add any 3 digits to it. After adding your random 3 digits, then you test the validity of the IMEI as explained in step 3.

3. Navigate to the IMEI Validation website by clicking here . Now, input your 15 digits IMEI number in the text box on the page and click on Validate IMEI. e.g. 356760051192901 where the underlined and italicized numbers stand for the 3 digits you chose yourself as explained in step 2. If the random digits you chose is correct, it will display IMEI number is valid. But if the random digits are incorrect it will display IMEI number is not valid! Then the valid IMEI number will be displayed just below it.

4. Now, write down or just copy the valid IMEI you generated somewhere and let's move to the next step of adding the valid BlackBerry IMEI to your Android Phone.

Adding the Valid BlackBerry 10 IMEI to your rooted Android Phone!

5. Download and install Mobile Uncle Tools Here.

6. Open the Mobile Uncle Tools App and select Engineer mode [MTK].

7. Go to CDS information >> Select Radio Information >> Select phone 2 [provided that you want to change your SIM 2 IMEI number].

8. Now, you'll see a command line with "AT+…". Now just add the command below to the "AT+…" command line.


Then press "send at command" button. Don't forget to replace YOUR GENERATED VALID IMEI NO above with the valid IMEI you copied in step 4.

9. Better still, if you are interested in changing the SIM 1 IMEI number instead, you'll select Phone 1 in step 7 and add the command below to the "AT+..." command line.


Then press "send at command" button. Don't forget to replace YOUR GENERATED VALID IMEI NO above with the valid IMEI you copied in step 4.

10. Now, restart your phone and check the IMEI by dialing the USSD Code - *#06#. You should now see your new generated valid BlackBerry IMEI. Congrats, you've successfully changed your Phone IMEI to that of BlackBerry.

How to Subscribe to Airtel #1000 for 3GB on your Android Phone with BB IMEI.

This post will always come handy especially if you're someone who loves getting Free and Unlimited Data on your Android Phone or if you like using BlackBerry subscriptions on your Android phone maybe because they are very cheap compared to original Android subscription. So, don't forget to bookmark this post and also share it with others, you can subscribe to our FREE mailing list to get interesting posts and updates like this directly into your mailbox. If you have any difficulty during the process of changing your IMEI, kindly use the comment box below. Cheers!
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  1. Wil dis subscription work for my blackberry Q10, without changing anything?

    1. You should give it a trial... It should work!

  2. Good morning. Pls how to change my IMEI on itel Phone tnx

    1. Hi Umar, It has been explained in the post already!

  3. Akilapa babatundeMay 22, 2016 10:31 AM

    My infinix hot note was updated and after that I observed that the flash charge which charged my phone full within 1hr is not working and also connecting the phone via USB to my laptop is not functioning anymore. Don't know if u have encountered a solution to this. Will be much grateful

    1. Hi,

      It seems like the update caused all of that. What type of update is it? Some future updates from your manufacturer will likely fix that as well.

  4. My Alcatel onetouch refuse to send the new IMEI. Pls help me out

    1. Hello, What's the error you got while trying to do it?

  5. ace that 'run ping test' and a lot of info below it. At the top right hand I click and it showed some infomation and I selected radio band, it came up with this options automatic,euroband, USA band, Japan band, aus band, aus2 band, I selected aus2 band, the response I got is 'set unsuccessful' don't know wat to do next

    1. You've not followed the tutorial the way it's explained here. I'll advice you to start all over again, what phone do you use by the way?

  6. good afternoon sir, please if I change the imei of my phone, will it in anyway affect any function in my phone?

  7. My phone is infinix hot2. Wit the new upgrade to 6.0

  8. please is this stuff still working


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