Thursday, October 6, 2011

Types of Virus that threatens Mobile Phones

       Virus threats, Malwares and spywares threaten most mobile phones but Symbian OS Phones posses more risk to virus threats than other OS Phones…In this post there are tips to keep yourself away from virus and even the few types of viruses that disturbs our mobile phones, the few tips are -
– If you have your Bluetooth ON, always keep it OFF except if you want to use it in order to avoid potential virus infections.
– After installing any new application or game, always scan your phone with Antivirus prior to running it for the first time.

Few mobile phone viruses
Caribe is a proof-of-concept worm/virus, it tries to spread to other mobile phones through Bluetooth and other connectivity means which results in reduced battery power. Apart from the reduced battery power, this worm doesn’t pose any significant threat.
Skulls  makes all system applications unusable leaving only the phone functionality enabled thereby all application icons are replaced with the image of a skull and crossed bones (sometimes crossed bones only).if you discover your mobile phone is infected with skulls don’t reboot your phone for safety purpose.
Trojan Mos is a Symbian series 60 (S60) Trojan masked under the name of a popular game (mosquitoes)…it will send SMS messages to a high cost number that will result in an increased phone bill or charge.
Gavno can disable Symbian operating system 7.0 phones preventing the user from being able to make calls and other phones threat e.g Nokia 6600, 6630, 7610 …
     In order to be on the safer side, make sure you download an Antivirus program to your phone by clicking here

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  1. Tanks a lot for d very informative topic. But u did not mention java phones, becos my phone(x2) is posessed with some deadly viruses of which i would appreci8 any assistance.

  2. Okay, thanks for the feedback but at first,whats your phone model ?


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